Developing ruling elders to be spiritual leaders in the church through a two phase holistic program of teaching plus a retreat, practicums, spiritual disciplines and leadership opportunities.



What is ELI?

ELI is a 15-month guided program that includes three initiatives:  Preparing for Spiritual Leadership (whole session - 3 mos.);  Equipping for Ministry and Mission (whole session - 12 mos.);  Immersion in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

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Why is ELI different?

ELI is a church leadership training program in the Reformed tradition. ELI develops and supports spiritual leadership for the church by training ruling elders (Session members) together with their teaching elder (pastor).

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The ELI program includes an Immersion Retreat, which is attended by the pastor and two to five elders. Immersion jump-starts your vision for what spiritual leadership can be, and is not dependent on whether you have completed Phase One – Preparing for Spiritual Leadership.  

 The retreat can be your individual church at your location, a Presbytery wide retreat, MAG retreat or a regional retreat with several churches.

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Effective elder training is ‘not business as usual'

Introducing ELI: Elder Leadership Institute, AUGUST 20, 2015



Lisa Johnson, ELIConsultant, presents at the national gathering of the Fellowship Community.