Testimonials — See what former attendees have said about ELI.

Rev. Tom Hall,  First Presbyterian Church Pittsburgh

Rev. Dr. Karen Ballard, Rome Presbyterian Church

Rev. Chris Handley, First Presbyterian Church Florence South Carolina


Elder Janet Dumford, College Hill Presbyterian Church

First of all, thank you for a wonderful week of WIM and ELI! The entire team from my church was richly blessed, and we are so excited to see the fruit of the WIM/ELI experience unfold! The speakers and preacher were insightful and inspiring, the worship was renewing, and the fellowship was encouraging.
— Rev Amy McNelly, Pullman Presbyterian, Pullman, WA
There were many surprises and joys. The quality of the speakers was remarkable. I was not prepared for the depth of knowledge I came away with and the opportunity to learn from such scholars. An honor.
— Laurie Kanyer, elder, FPC, Yakima, WA
I have to say the experience, as is, was stunning. Spectacular! Very well thought out and executed with absolutely marvelous people leading and in attendance.
— Stan Ott, Vital Churches Institute
Our group has been…talking about how to best help our elders be a spiritually discerning community. Our new officer format is going to look very different this year and the team that went to ELI is really working to plan this out. Immediate impact. I preached a sermon series that is a result of ELI discussion around the big picture of the Bible…it was my way of helping them think of the Bible as a whole… We have also had some very powerfully honest interaction about time. Real frustration and tears about making time to be with God. Reading the Bible. Taking Sabbath. All of us.
— Rev Drew Smith, College Hill Presbyterian, Cincinatti, OH
I’m still in awe of the power of the Holy Spirit and the creativity of our presenters and facilitators in helping us to bond in Christ’s love in such a short amount of time and in such a beautiful way. What a great testimony to everything this experience was about for us…
— Sherry Watts, elder, Church of the Palms, Sarasota, Florida
This was a great start to your dream. The speakers exceeded all expectations. It is obvious that all of you are filled with that sweet spirit that Jesus places in special people.
— Warren Herndon, elder, Saxe Gotha Presbyterian, Lexington,SC